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Maria comes from a long line of singers, dancers and alchemists.  At the age of ten, she became convinced she was a super hero and donned the mask of her calling.  It has never since come off.  Don't ask her to show you whether she can fly!

Robert began playing guitar while he was still in the womb (which was, at times, painful for his mother). He later in life took up the Kazoo, and has made quite a career of Kazooing all over the Western United States.

Brad is going to begin playing bass sometime in 2019.  Thanks to technology, though, we are fortunate to beam him back in time to play shows with us.  We affectionately call Brad "groaner" because his puns elicit that response.

Tim was raised by wild wolves in the backwoods of Kentucky.  At the age of 7 he was rescued by wandering Punk musicians.  They taught him to play drums, and he never looked back.  He has been known, though, to howl at midnight when there's a full moon.

Doug's parents found him on an old stump where a family of crows had left him.  He learned to play the keyboards when a piano fell on his head and the only escape was to play his way out.  He still has moments, but as long as we keep him chained to his keyboard stand, he's OK.

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